At cozy crib rentalswe understand the wants and needs of vacation rental property owners because we are vacation rental property owners. We’ve studied the market extensively, tested unique strategies, and perfected a formula for success at our own investment properties before applying it to others.
As a result we have over 200 five-star reviews on Airbnb and we consistently maintain Airbnb Superhost status.
Our proven methodology has led to a diverse and continually growing portfolio of top-performing rentals. 

We’ve set a high standard of returning maximum capital to home owners and we’d love the opportunity to raise the bar for the performance of your investment home!

Our Unique Value Proposition


High Occupancy Rate Guarantee

Experience a dynamic pricing approach that maximizes your property's occupancy and nightly rates. Unlike competitors, we don't simply 'set and forget.' Our strategy is tailored to your property, backed by extensive market research and trends.

Our proactive property management ensures peace of mind. Enjoy an average occupancy rate of 25 days or more, providing a steady income stream. Your primary expense, rent, is covered within the first 10 days

5 ⭐️ Superhost Rating

we're firm believers that property investments should offer you the best of all worlds – a passive income source, the freedom to pursue your passions, and the assurance that your property is impeccably managed.

Our dedicated team handles bookings, cleanings, and maintenance, giving you peace of mind and shared visibility into your property's calendar. We keep you informed with regular summaries of booking activity and track property revenue and occupancy trends.

We go the extra mile by creating custom house manuals and detailed turnover guides for your property, ensuring every guest enjoys a consistently clean and perfectly presented stay. Leveraging our stellar reputation on Airbnb, we effectively market your property to a vast audience of potential guests

Design Experts

Our design experts offer tailored décor solutions, whether you require simple updates or a complete property makeover. Each project is customized to suit your property and budget. By entrusting Cozy Crib Rentals to enhance your property's appeal, you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

For busy investors seeking a hands-off experience, our expert Curation Services are the ideal solution. We provide comprehensive support, from market analysis and property selection guidance to the final touches that make a difference. Our curated properties consistently outperform market averages year after year

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